Fall Clean Up Updates 2022

*Clean ups start October 31st. If the weather cooperates, we try to complete all clean ups by Thanksgiving. Some years and depending on the weather, clean ups have run past Christmas. If we get a little snow during the fall clean up season, we must pause but will resume service as soon as the ground allows. ESS does not pack up the equipment until it is absolutely certain there is nothing more we can do for the year.*

Due to the snow today, we are in another holding pattern. We remain committed to finishing the entire list and sincerely hope to get back out on the yards to complete the approx. 5 days of work left. One year, we went out after Christmas so hope is not lost!

After working through the weekend we made great progress. We are aware that there is forecasted snow for tomorrow. When this happens, we will go back into a holding pattern and hope to get back out on the yards. We have thrown all company resources at fall clean ups and are committed to completed all of them. That said, we do not control the weather. This Fall has proven to be more difficult then others but we have not given up.

We have been back it since this morning. We are making good progress and thank our dedicated staff. We have approx. 7 business days left to complete all clean ups.

As of this morning, we have resumed fall clean ups. We have deployed all divisions of the company to aide in completing these clean ups as fast as possible. Please be patient as we work through the list. The conditions are not ideal which will slow our production. For example, with all personnel out doing clean ups on a dry day, we can complete over 50 in one day. When we have wet conditions, we are able to complete only about 35. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

We are hoping to get back out on the yards this coming Friday, the 25th. As previously mentioned, we will do everything possible to get through the entire list of fall clean ups. Though frustrating, this isn’t the first time this has happened. We are patiently waiting with our equipment ready to go. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

We are currently in a holding pattern with this morning’s weather. We will get back out on the yards as soon as we can.

We were able to resume fall clean ups today, however our production will be slowed down due to rain received. We have approximately 12 business days left to complete all clean ups. We will be working Saturdays, weather permitting, until the list is complete.

As you can imagine, we were rained out today and unable to complete any clean ups. We will try to get back out on the yards tomorrow.

We had a productive week of clean ups. Yesterday slowed us down slightly due to rain but gave the guys a welcomed break from the dust. We have approx. 13 business days left. Have a great weekend!

We have approximately 15 business days left. We are progressing through the list nicely and are thankful for the weather conditions thus far.

The first day of clean ups went well. Currently, we have about 16 business days left. The conditions are great for the crew to work in, however when you see us, you will see it’s very dusty. We wish we could control the dust but unfortunately, until it rains, that will be the case. Have a great day!