Mosquito and Japanese Beetle Control

Don't let Japanese Beetles or Mosquitoes ruin your summer.
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Japanese Beetle Control

Keep Japanese Beetles from ruining your plants!  Our program covers the life cycle of the Japanese Beetle in our climate.  Beginning in June, we will apply a granular turf insecticide along with a liquid application to the turf and ornamentals, followed by three additional liquid applications every three weeks through mid-August.  This will also help to reduce damage caused by moles, raccoons, skunks, etc., feeding on grubs just below the turf.

Mosquito Control

Enjoy your summer months by calling Edina Seasonal Services for our Mosquito and Bug Control.  We will apply a liquid application of insecticide to turf and ornamentals to control Mosquitoes, Asian Beetles, Box Elder bugs, Gnats, Black Flies, and Ticks.   Applications begin prior to Memorial Day and run through mid-September.