Snow Event Updates

Snow Event 12/7/22

Update 11:55am: We have dispatched all trucks to service everyone that signed up for 3/4″ service. We will not be servicing accounts that signed up for 2″ or more service.

Past Snow Events:

Update 11:44am: We started the final pass at 9:30am this morning to clean things up and clean up any residual city plow snow. That should be complete in the next couple hours. This will be the last update of this snow event. Thanks!

Update 3:28am: We have wrapped up round 2. We will be going out again at 8:30am this morning to clean up any residual city plow snow.

Update 10:20pm: Most routes have been completed with the exception of 2. Those are just about done. Round 2 has begun for the others. This round will go much faster.

Update 8:46pm: Please be patient with us as we shovel out 7″ of snow. Some areas we are seeing 8 plus inches. The first real snow fall of the year usually takes longer as drivers get acclimated to their lists. We stress safety and preserving property. If we haven’t been to your property yet, you will see us soon.

Update 7:04pm: As drivers complete their routes they are sent to other incomplete routes. In a typical 3″ snow fall, the route takes around 6 hours to complete all accounts 1 time. When we reach 6 plus inches, the time jumps up to 8 or 9 hours to complete the first round due to the snow depth. Please continue to check back here for more updates or if you have questions, please email

Update 6:15pm: We are still working on completing round 1. The depth of snow and very slippery conditions are slowing us down.

Update 3:28pm: We are seeing about 5-6″ of snow. Our crews are working very hard to get the first round done. Currently some routes are past half way and others are just about half way complete with round 1. We will be making another pass.

Update 9:48am: We will be dispatching all trucks servicing all accounts at 12pm today. We anticipate this event being 2 rounds of plowing meaning, you will see us at least twice.

Update 12:58pm:

We are just about complete with this snow event. Have a great day!

Update 7:16am:

Though we did not receive 2″ in one snow event, we will still be dispatching all trucks to clean up all accounts this morning at 8am.

Update 6:35pm: We are wrapping up the routes in the next 30-45min. This will be the last update of this snow event.

Update 4:13pm: Our trucks were dispatched 30 minutes ago. If you have signed up for 3/4″ service, we will see you soon.

Update 2:10pm: We will be dispatching our trucks in the next hour to complete the 3/4″ route. We will not be running the 2″ route.

Update 1:00pm: We are watching this snow closely. We anticipate plowing the customers that signed up for 3/4″ service only but the final decision has not been made. So far we are seeing about 1/2″ of accumulated snow.